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Improve your mental health, one conversation a day.

A screenshot of the UB-OK app, featuring a conversation between a user and the chatbot. The chatbot has told the user they have reached a two-day streak, and has suggested new topics for discussion, such as dealing with panic attacks.

Improve your mental health, one conversation a day.

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Meet UB-OK!

UB-OK is a friendly app that helps you try out daily activities that can help improve your mental health.

Help us change the way people manage their health and wellbeing, by trying UB-OK and giving feedback!

What is UB-OK?

A safe space to talk about and understand your health and wellbeing
Programmes of practical activities using evidence-based psychological approaches
A library of resources developed in partnership with NHS Scotland and young people
Track and monitor how you are doing, what's working, and what isn't