The UB-OK logo, with the four letters in different colours
The UB-OK team posing in front of a window of the Bayes Centre
From left to right: Michael McTernan, CEO; Juvia Tian, digital artist; Clarissa Yung, content lead; Ubee, our best friend; Siobhan Brady, sales and marketing lead; and Rayo Verweij, CTO.

UB-OK was started with one mission: to make clinicians' mental health expertise engaging, accessible and scalable for all children and young people.

We are redefining digital mental health support in collaboration with the NHS and young people with lived experience, creating content that is useful, relevant and proven to work.

Through evidence-based therapeutic conversations, UB-OK educates, empowers and creates a safe, supportive environment for children and young people to learn more about their mental health and find ways to improve it.

Our traditional mental health services are overwhelmed, and too many young people are not receiving the support that they need before they reach a crisis point. Using digital innovation, and with a little help from our pal Ubee, UB-OK ensures support is available anytime, right in the palm of your hand.